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Dr. Kildare is an NBC medical drama television series which ran from September 27 1961 until April 5 1966, encompassing a total of 190 episodes. The show, which premiered at the same time as an ABC medical drama, Ben Casey, quickly achieved success and helped spark a number of new shows dealing with the medical field.

Kildare told the story of a young intern, Dr. James Kildare (Richard Chamberlain), working in a fictional large metropolitan hospital (Blair General) whilst trying to learn his profession, dealing with the problems of the patients, and winning the respect of the senior doctor, Dr. Leonard Gillespie (Raymond Massey).

In the series' first episode, Gillespie tells the earnest Kildare, "Our job is to keep people alive, not to tell them how to live." Kildare ignores the advice, which provides the basis for stories over the next four seasons, many with a soap opera touch. The series was largely responsible for making Chamberlain, who beat 35 other contenders for the role, a teen idol in the 1960s. He also recorded a song, "Three Stars Will Shine Tonight," with the music from the show's familiar opening theme. In 2006 Chamberlain reprised the role in a parody of Grey's Anatomy (along with other famous TV doctors from Julia, St. Elsewhere, M*A*S*H and The Love Boat) on the 2006 TV Land Awards.

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Dr. Kildare DVD complete series collection with all episodes and seasons on DVDs

It is an American TV series of 1960s. It was aired on NBC network. It is a medical drama. The title, Dr. James Kildare, is a fictional character that is also the primary character in a series of American theatrical films in the late 1930s and early 1940s. The series started on September 28, 1961 and ended on April 5, 1966. It consists of five seasons and a total of 191 " Episodes.

Each episode was of 30 minutes. 1st season started on September 28, 1961 and ended on March 29, 1962. It was of 25 " Episodes. 2nd season started on April 5, 1962 and ended on June 6, 1963. It was of 34 " Episodes. 3rd season started on September 26, 1963 and ended on May 21, 1964. It was of 34 " Episodes. 4th season started on September 24, 1964 and ended on May 13, 1965. It was of 32 " Episodes.

The last season started on September 13, 1965 and the series finished on April 5, 1966. It was of 58 " Episodes. The main stars and their characters are as Richard Chamberlain as Dr. James Kildare and Raymond Massey as Dr. Leonard Gillespie. Some other stars and their characters were limited to some of the episodes like Leslie Nielsen as Harry Kleber, Diane Baker as Amy Post, Marlyn Mason as Laura Morrison and Lee Meriwether as Nurse Bonnie Mynes.

The story is about a young intern in a large metropolitan hospital. He is trying to learn his profession. He deals with the problems of his patients, and wins the respect of the senior doctor in his specialty. The specialty is internal medicine. The series won Golden Globe and other 1 with 7 nominations.