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Quincy, M.E. (or simply Quincy) is the name of a United States television series from Universal Studios that aired from October 3, 1976, to September 5, 1983, on NBC (and can be seen in the UK on ITV3 and intermittently on the ITV Network, as well as in syndication on MeTV in Chicago, Illinois, on KDOC-TV in Orange County, California, on the Retro Television Network, and in Australia on cable channel TV1). It starred Jack Klugman as Dr. Quincy, a strong-willed Medical Examiner (forensic coroner) in Los Angeles County working to ascertain facts about suspicious deaths. In the process, he frequently comes into conflict with his boss and the police, each of whom have their own (often flawed) ideas about what's going on.

Many of the episodes follow this formula:

  • Somebody dies, seemingly by natural causes.
  • Quincy notices something that causes him to suspect foul play.
  • He then changes roles from medical examiner to detective.
  • Quincy's boss gets upset, believing that Quincy is seeing evidence that doesn't exist and that Quincy should work on routine cases.
  • The police get their feathers ruffled as he "shoulders-in" on their territory as well.
  • He argues quite loudly with some bureaucratic individual impeding the case.
  • Quincy solves the murder.

A quote from one episode gives a snapshot of a typical conflict. When Quincy is hospitalized, Sam Fujiyama (Robert Ito), Quincy's faithful co-worker, takes the reins and finds something fishy about Quincy's condition when everyone else sees no need for suspicion. Hearing this, homicide detective Lt. Frank Monahan (Garry Walberg) says, "You're pullin' a Quincy on me, and you ain't Quincy!"

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Quincy DVD complete series collection with all episodes and seasons on DVDs

The ever popular television show Quincy ran on American television networks from October 1976 until September 1983. The star of the show was Jack Lugman who played a medical examiner named Quincy. The show is set in Los Angeles California.

Originally the show started out sharing the spotlight with Columbo. NBC had what was call Sunday night mysteries and the show took off from there. Roughly half way through the first season it was decided to give the show it’s own spot. This proved to be an excellent decision as Quincy went on to be an extremely popular show.

An interesting concept with the show Quincy is the writers and producers utilized an actor pool so to speak. A number of the extras or back up characters were back in concurrent episodes yet played different characters or professionals. So while an actor in one episode might play a bank robber, he might also be a cop in a future show.

The character Quincy is what made the show, the witty M.E. of the Coroner’s Office in Los Angeles works to solve crimes. Often Quincy finds through pathological study of the bodies that the Police are wrong on their prognosis. He is often arguing with his boss Robert Asten MD and the Police and is stuck in his ways. His assistant Sam Fukiyama is often caught in the middle Sam was played by Robert Ito. Quincy is often involved with serious confrontations with the Lieutenant Monahan who was played by Garry Walberg.

Once married he lost his first wife to cancer, Quincy then remarries in the 7th season.

The concept of the storylines is typically the same. A body is presented, and Quincy quickly turns from pathologist to detective often holding the body and any findings until he can figure out what happened. This drives both Monahan and Asten crazy.